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Buy Modafinil (Provigil) $0.82 Per pill

Online pharmacies are popular and preferred by customers due to the availability of limited medicines like Modafinil, a wide range of exclusive brands, superior service culture, and favorable Provigil prices. These pharmacies offer to buy Modafinil used to treat severe and chronic diseases, medical equipment and cosmetics, goods for mothers and children, and a healthy lifestyle.

Devonshire Pharmacy
Address: 215 Edgware Rd, Tyburnia, London W2 1ES, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 20 7402 6134 | Website:

I was with Devonshire Pharmacy for many years. They have one very rude pharmacist, but everyone else was nice. I have a particular medicine, Modafinil and my body can only handle a particular brand. Otherwise, I get sick. Tyner’s used to keep them in stock for me. One day I was basically told to go elsewhere. In a bind, I went to Devonshire Pharmacy. I was so amazed at the customer service. They only had 25 of what I needed. They gave me those and wrote out a red card for me to come back the next morning for the rest! They ordered Modafinil pills what I needed right then, and I was able to have the rest the next day! I’ve never been able to do that anywhere!! I will never go back. Tyner’s said they didn’t have them and didn’t know when they would have them again!

Had a designated COVID testing lane but also mixed actual pharmacy services in the same lane. Since they are unable to administer COVID tests for walk-ins and require appointments, they need to figure out a better system. And since they are unable to administer the tests early for the individual appointment, they need to do some serious revamping.

Address: Praed St, London W2 1HB, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 20 7262 7434 | Website:

If you are looking for a 100% convenient, friendly, and helpful pharmacy, this is your place. I have been using Walgreens off of 550 since I moved here, and not only is it out of the way, jammed with traffic, but the staff has never been the most welcoming. Boots had my Modafinil prescriptions and new prescriptions in which the pharmacist felt would be better for me, and it absolutely has improved my life tremendously, ready the very next day! They will transfer all your information from your previous pharmacy with no hassle to you at all. They accept all insurances and have a drive-through which is extremely convenient during these times as we social distance. Love these guys, and I will continue to recommend and go here as long as I can!

I was told my prescription would be ready in 20 mins, so I went shopping and walked around the store. When I came back, they hadn’t even started it. When they did start it, she told me another 20 mins. I waited and waited, and they didn’t even have the full amount in, so they filled one tiny bottle. I waited over 40 mins and did not even get help right away.

Lloyds Pharmacy
Address: Winsland St, London W2 1NY, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 20 7402 2903 | Website:

Lloyds Pharmacy with A-level service. I came to pick up my Provigil medication, and the pharmacist and her assistants seemed very pleasant. Ugo, the pharmacist, is so sweet and says “My pleasure” to every customer. It was insanely busy, but when I complained about waiting too long, Ugo promptly apologized, said, “I got you,” and she had my medication out in a few minutes. Abby, her assistant, also had great customer service. They did seem a little overworked, running around filling medications and giving all those flu, covid, and whatnot shots. They clearly need more help. The pharmacy also looked a little cluttered, but it was overall a great experience.

I don’t even really want to give them any stars. They don’t deserve it. The pharmacy is awful. I was on hold for almost 40 minutes, trying to ask a simple question about Modafinil cost. This is absolutely the worst place ever. They never answered either, and I hung up because I was so angry. It should not be like that. Get your stuff together, seriously.

Address: 149 Edgware Rd, Tyburnia, London W2 2HU, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 20 7723 2336 | Website:

I would choose this Pharmacentre pharmacy over and over again. I can’t think of one thing that I’m dissatisfied about. I’ve been to several pharmacies, and this one is by far the best pharmacy I have ever experienced. They are kind, friendly, and super helpful. They have offered and meet me at my car to bring me my prescription. They have offered and called doctors for me. They answer all my questions politely. They explain everything thoroughly, and I feel comfortable with calling them if I don’t understand something. I will never find another pharmacy that cares about my health the way that they do. Thank you, Pharmacentre pharmacy, for all that you do for the community and me.

I can’t seem to get a prescription filled without a delay or issue here. Once I had a prescription misfiled. Once my wife needed a particular medicine for diabetes, they provided the wrong one. I have been before closing, and they said they are closed before the time. I returned the next day they were closed for lunch. Disregard their posted hours.