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Attention to detail is key to providing spotless guestrooms that are in excellent condition ensuring every guest experiences the St. David’s “your home away from home” philosophy.  Housekeeping is also responsible for the care and upkeep of all public spaces.

The role of a Housekeeping Attendant (or Chambermaid) is physically demanding and requires that candidates possess strong organisational skills and a passion for equating quality with cleanliness.

Housekeeping Attendant’s have the dual responsibility of Waiting Service at breakfast time, i.e. taking breakfast orders, setting, serving and clearing breakfast in a professional, safe and efficient manner. Further responsibilities include the maintenance of supplies and reporting any shortages.

Housekeeping must also ensure the maintenance of all facilities, storage areas and kitchen equipment in an orderly and safe manner and they must demonstrate St. David’s standards and values in all interactions with both guests and colleagues.