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FREE Wi-Fi Service

As many of you have informed us, you love having Wi-Fi when you stay with us but what you don’t like is paying for something when you’re only using it occasionally. Well, we’ve listened and you can browse the internet, check your emails and update social media without having to pay.

Wi-Fi is free within the hotel reception area all day and every night….24/7. It couldn’t be easier. To log on, simply turn on your computer or mobile device, set your wireless network to ‘St. Davids Lobby‘ and follow the on-screen instructions. Our reception desk is always at hand to help should you require.

Paid Wi-Fi Service

We also offer paid Wi-Fi services for those guests that want to enjoy their internet browsing and emails from the comfort of their own room. You can buy block sessions, depending on how long you’ll be staying with us. Your time begins when you first log-on and expires at the end of the period. It’s easy to use and quick to access, your purchased time cannot be shared between two devices, but access is available anywhere within our hotel. The cost for this paid service provides unlimited access for all which is subject to our Terms of Wi-Fi Use:

  • £3.00 for 1 Day Access (24 Hours)
  • £5.00 for 3 Day Access
  • £10.00 for 7 Day Access
  • £100.00 for an Annual ‘Super Pass’ 365 Day Access

To access our service, please use the wireless internet search facility on your computer or mobile device and search for the ‘St. Davids Hotels’ access point. When this is visible your computer should allow you to connect to the network. Once this has been done, first try to connect to the internet, where you will be presented with the St. David’s Hotels Wi-Fi landing page. Select the payment and service period you require and then make online payment using our secure PayPal facility.

Please note, we do not store any credit or debit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties. By gaining access to our Wi-Fi service, you agree to abide by our Terms of Wi-Fi Use. If you do not agree to all of the terms, please do not use this service.